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Taupo PLB Hire is run as a not for profit organisation and hire out the latest  ACR locator beacons with built-in GPS locator chips. Made from durable ABS high impact/ high visibility plastic to withstand the rugged New Zealand terrain. All our beacons are hired out with a personal carry case and working strobe. We have units available in Taupo  and Turangi for pick up.

Hire Costs:
1 Day  -    $10 
3 Days -   $25

7 Days  -  $40

After first week of hire at $40,

every subsequent week: $30 per week (must be arranged at time of booking)

We now also have a up to 3 month hire for $100 this can include a courier bag, making it easy to send the PLB back to us if you are finishing your holiday  in another part of New Zealand.

Free Hire for Schools and Community groups (Evidence may be required)

BOOK NOW CALL 0800 102 860 (10am - 7pm)


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  1. A distress beacon is activated.

  2. Its signal, with its unique identification number or Hex ID, is transmitted to the nearest satellite.

  3. An alert is sent to the nearest local user terminal.

  4. The alert is processed by the nearest mission control centre and forwarded to the rescue coordination centre.

  5. The rescue coordination centre mobilises rescuers and directs them to the beacon's position.


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